Wall's Small Council

‘All hail the Good King Theodore, third of his name’

The Small Council of Wall has been running the city for generations. Where the current king is a merciful and noble man, previous rulers have been fickle and mean. The Small Council provides a consistency to the running of the capital city.

Providing governance and process to the running of each of the City’s quinters, the small council is made up of representatives from;

  • The Mage’s Guild – currently represented by Master Edmund Hornbill
  • The Merchant’s Guild – currently represented by Silas Peck
  • The Priest’s Quintet – currently represented by Darian Thorn
  • The Town Defence – seat currently vacant
  • The Treasury – seat currently vacant

The Prince Regent is also welcome at all Small Council sessions.

Other Factions

  • Dicio Bellus – There is a rival between these factions.
  • The Silent Spiral – There is an alliance between these factions.
  • The Black Fist – There is no relationship between these factions
  • The Healing Hands – There is an alliance between these factions.

Wall's Small Council

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