Wall is the capital of the land, and for good reason. Wall is the safest place from the monsters.

Beyond Wall is The Blasted Desert , an endless waste filled with sand and monsters. The Wall itself is made of a dark red stone stretching 8,000 miles long and 400 miles high. In the centre is a sprawling city which pours out from a small indentation in the wall. People have burrowed some buildings into the side, but most people live in the shadow of Wall.
Wall’s shadow casts over it in the afternoon as the sun passes the other side, meaning that magical lamps line the streets to keep what little light the city can get.

Wealthy – Any mundane item can be found for sale. Most kinds of skilled labourers are available, but demand is high for their time.
Growing – More people than there are buildings.
Garrison – There are armed defenders at all times with a total pool of 100-300. There are multiple armed patrols at all times.

Blight – The things which come from over the other side of the wall.
Guild – +1 to hire Adept hirelings.
Market – Everyone comes here to trade. On any given day the available items may be far beyond their prosperity. +1 to supply.
Need – Food. It’s outgrown its resources.
Oaths – Two nearby towns, keeps or cities.
Personage – King Theodore
Power – Political, it is the capital, after all.
Trade – Every nearby city.


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