The Silent Spiral

‘In fear, we find our truest selves’ – Tenet of Gatt

Many men know of Gatt. They whisper tales to their children of the wide, leering mouth that nips off the pink little toes of children who don’t get under their covers. They paint the Night Spiral above the beds of the mad and those troubled by nightmares. They do all these things, yet they do not truly know Gatt.

That, my friend, is the task for the Silent Spiral.

Where those troubled by the darkness within and without come to pray, below the stones of the low, flat temple, The Maw of Gatt, an impossibly warm, dark cove brimming with whispers and shade, lie the Silent Spiral. While the acolytes and priests seek to discern omens in the darkness of the mind and soul, dealing with the mundane realities of the world, the Silent Spiral work to chart the oceans of fear and plumb the depths of insanity. In doing so, they hope, they can understand the great mind of Gatt himself.

Many work out in the wastes, where grief and horror are rarely absent, offering a little peace in exchange for a few trifling questions, perhaps a little cut here and there to help things along. They are feared, reviled, even, but there’s never a shortage of desperate souls looking to make hard bargains. Some have gone so far as to take steps to ensure they never have a shortage of ‘subjects’ to work on, willing or not.

Legally speaking, the Silent Spiral is banned from operating within the city of Wall. However, given their talents for divining secrets from flesh, their simple needs and, above all, their discretion, many powerful figures have allowed the Spiral to operate within the city in exchange for one or two ‘pro bono’ jobs of work.

Other Factions

  • Dicio Bellus – The Silent Spiral have no interest in such vacuous hedonists.
  • The Small Council – We have a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • The Black Fist – Violent, loyal and hardy. We watch them with distrust.

The Silent Spiral

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