Master Edmund Hornbill


A man in arcane clothes, with wild hair, tired eyes and a simple body.

Representative of the Mage’s Guild on Wall’s Small Council


Steady -1
Fierce +1
Wily -1
Sly +2
Arcane +2

The clothes on your back.
A staff.
A collection of potions.
A small collection of other people’s things.
A small dagger (if you want)
A few books on the Unspeakable Power and other small, arcane sorts of things.
A pack full of oddments worth 1 barter.

The Small Council


Harness the Unspeakable Power – You have an ability to Gaze into the Unspeakable Power in a way that normal people cannot. To Harness the Unspeakable Power, roll+arcane.
On a 10+, you may change the world in some relatively minor but noticeable way.
On a 7-9 you may change the world in some relatively minor but noticeable way, but you may also attract the attention of the dark forces that live within the Unspeakable Power, and they may not be happy to be used by you.
On a miss, the MC decides if your magic works or not, but you have been seen fully by them and they WILL come to find you. There are even more severe consequences for failure then you know what you’re doing. The MC will make this happen. Use your power wisely.
Moloch – When you curse another PC, hold something of theirs (an object or item you have taken from them) and roll+arcane.
On a 10+, the target takes the tag “cursed” and puts two notches next to it.,
On a 7-9, the target takes the tag “cursed” and puts one notch next to it. Each scene the cursed character is in causes them to add 1 notch next to the cursed tag. When they reach five notches, they take -2 forward to a roll of The Hex’s choice. The Hex does not have to be present. After this, they erase the notches and start over. There are four ways to remove the tag “cursed.” 1) The Hex dies. 2) The Hex chooses to remove it. 3) The Hex loses possession of the object that the cursed PC owns. 4) When the curse was cast, the Hex may set a requirement that the cursed character must meet. When the requirement is met, the curse is immediately removed. Once a cursed is removed, The Hex must make another roll to restore it.
Devil’s Ante – When another PC wants The Hex to do something for them, they may give her a piece of themselves. This may be something like a year of their life, their memories of their mother, their beautiful voice, etc. Something meaningful to them. The Hex traps this in a small object (a gem, a bottle, whatever). The PC who came to the Hex permanently loses a point of one of their stats when this happens (for example, if you give up your beautiful voice, you lose a point of wily). The PC may then make a request of The Hex. When The Hex smashes the magically imbued object, she may automatically succeed at any one move intended to accomplish the request the other PC made of her as if she rolled a 10+ (if a PC asks The Hex to kill someone, for example, when The Hex smashes the object, she may automatically succeed at a roll to attack the target). She must decide this before rolling (in other words, The Hex can’t roll, then fail, then smash the object– the smashing comes before the move). After that, the deal is done. If, at any time before the object is destroyed, the PC who gave up a piece of themselves acquires and smashes the object, they will gain that piece of themselves (and the stat point) back, and the deal is off.


Master Edmund Hornbill

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