Street urchin, brother to Fleki, assistant to Fallow


Similar build to his twin brother, short and wiry with slim, strong hands and intense blue eyes. Brash and confident, he radiates an intensity which matches his prowess with his garotte and a burlap sack.


Fleki and Geri were two boys troubled by nightmares in their head and in their lives. Raised by parents who were fanatical in their devotion to their God, Duunu, they were forcibly trained as fighters, despite their pale, almost sickly countenances. Eventually, one dark night, they stole away to the city of Wall and, by and by, found their way into the service of Fallow.

Geri is quick, confident and a little crazy, but it’s not slowed him down yet. The kind to catch a rat by the whiskers rather than the tail, his willingness to fly in the face of common sense have made him a fine asset to the Silent Spiral.


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