A woman who wears nondescript clothes, has a peaceful, innocent face and a twisted body.

De-facto guardian of Fleki and Geri, two street urchins and apprentices to the Silent Spiral.


Steady +1
Fierce -1
Wily +1
Sly +2
Arcane +0

Oddments worth 1-barter
The clothes on your back
Your bag of tricks, containing all manner of tools for causing pain and discomfort. Spend 1 barter every two times you ply your trade. Bone will do terrible things to metal, you see…
A small defensive weapon that fits in your bag of tricks (maybe a knife, spiked knuckles, or something familiar)

The Silent Spiral


Pretty Please? – When you have another character at your mercy and want to know something, roll+sly. On a 10+ ask them 3, on a 7-9, ask them 2.
• How are they, or someone they’re close to, most vulnerable?
• Who have they betrayed or who would they betray?
• What are they most afraid of?
• Who do they trust/love the most or the least?
• What useful secret do they have about another person?
• What have they done that could get them in terrible trouble if someone found out?
If the Screw acts on this information, or passes it on to another player character to act on, the character acting on the information gains 1 forward. On a miss, the Screw still gets to ask 1 question, but if they ask it, the other character also learns this information about the Screw (i.e. if the Screw asks “what are they most afraid of,” the target character learns what the Screw is most afraid of as well). Violence is such a personal thing, after all.
A Wonderful Machine, the Body – You may roll
sly instead of +fierce on Threatening With Violence and Engaging in Combat rolls. You know how all the pieces fit together.

Two assistants (Fleki & Geri) who are loyal to you and will follow your orders. When you order them to grab an NPC for you who it would be reasonable for them to be able to nab (MC’s call), roll+steady.
On a 10+ they get them, no problem.
On a 7-9, either they get them but not quietly or they don’t get them but no one knows, MC’s choice.
On a miss, neither. If nabbing the NPC would be particularly difficult (say, if they had bodyguards), you may have to spend more time setting up a plan before the MC allows you to make this roll.

An endless supply of tools and devices for causing pain and discomfort (if you select this, you never have to spend Barter to restock your bag of tricks).


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