Aston Chitwell

Young, Female Wizard


Aston is a young girl and a novice wizard.

She’s quite short, only 5’3, with a thin body and wiry limbs.

Her hair, maintained short and neat, is usually magically coloured using prestidigitation.


Aston’s gift for the arcane manifested at a young age, and she was granted tutelage at the College of Magic.

A very smart young woman, she knows little of the true ways of the world.

Captured in an Orc raid, she was taken to work the mines. There, she managed to avoid the heavier workloads by keeping books for the mining operation.

It was during her captivity, and subsequent escape, that she met the rest of the party.

Cimmerian, an odd foreigner with many strange customs. She has seen a vision that his role will be significant in a coming event.

Greggor, an odd paladin, who’s piety seems to wax and wane with every moment. She doesn’t know how, but she feels that he will be his guide in some way.

Brandon, a very odd ranger, whose connection to the Lich lord in charge of the mine seems strange. She suspects he is keeping some very important secret.

Rupert, her unseen servant, and true confidant. Talking to him, although invisible, kept her sane during her captivity.

Aston Chitwell

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