Dungeon World: Leviathan

Escaping the Mines

Four unlikely companions band together to escape captivity.

A fortuitous earthquake grants the captives of the Mine an opportunity.

Held here for god knows how long, they see the chance to escape. Some perish immediately, while a small group band together and fight against their Orc captors.

The group, while strange, work well together. They consist of;

Brandon Shrike, a wild ranger who was captures alongside his pet wolf Fang.
Greggor, a noble paladin who’s vow to destroy any evil stems from his lost family.
Aston Chitwell, a young wizard who relies too heavily on her book learning.
Cimmerian, an odd foreigner who has his own sacred duties to perform.

The four attempt to charge the Orcs, but a small fracas initially causes their main escape route to collapse. Having no other choice, Aston leads them past the Killing Pit to a bridge she remembers seeing on a map.

Surviving attacks from a giant Spider and poisonous vines, they believe Greggor is lost to them as he falls into the bottomless chasm where the bridge one was.

The others manage to cross the chasm, while Greggor’s death is not what it appears. He is given a bargain by the God of Death, and returns to life. He returns further down from the chasm, and is hoisted up to the Orc’s main camp.

A quick skirmish ensues, but it is interrupted by a swarm of zombies that threaten to engulf the Orcs as well as Greggor. Working together, they prevail, but Greggor cannot allow the evils Orcs to live and kills them immediately.

Meanwhile, the other three encounter a female Orc priest, who is dispatched. But not before she reveals that there is another power ruling this mine.

The three arrive to the main antechamber to find Greggor, alive, but fighting the Lich Lord. The struggle is fierce, but the four prevail!

Leading what few survivors there are left, they escape the place that has held them of late.



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